Ron Granger
Founder, Lead Designer, Strategy

With an incredibly well-rounded and diverse background, having studied Architecture at Cal Poly, Business at USC and Design at Parsons, (in both New York City and Paris), Ron brings the key eye that is highly experienced in all aspects of interiors. Beginning his career in real estate, he used his passion for art, sculpture and architecture to influence his property sales, firmly believing that homes are bought with emotion. With also having the experience of building homes from the ground up, Ron has a true insight of the process from start to finish and a genuine understanding of what goes into creating a space. After being exposed to the highly competitive staging industry in San Francisco, Ron realized that Southern California could benefit immensely from an experience staging company and set out to bring that value to an active and open real estate market. Using his education in business, Ron is keenly aware of what it takes to run a successful company and puts a large emphasis on customer service and is consistently using his experience and talents to deliver a unique and valuable experience to clients. 

Ron oversees and works on every project.

Regis Hattenberger
Founder, Operations and Revenue

With a Master's Degree in Law from Paris Sorbonne, Regis' activity is centered on HR, management, customer service experience, and profitability. Pacific Staging's HR goal is to be able to hire the best employees,  and retain them by providing a unique and personable approach to human resources. Pacific Staging strives on respect, cultural differences and a healthy and friendly workplace.

Our staff is highly trained on safety, moving processes and will go out of their way to satisfy any client's need.

Noedid Puga

Joining the team in 2013, Senior Designer Noel is a graduate of the Interior Design School at Saddleback College.  In 2012, Mr. Puga led a team that took top honors in Noah’s Ark Salvation Army Competition of Orange County, winning best display and best representation of a genre.  A year later, he was part of the Saddleback College team who won the first place IIDA 2013 Award at the Annual Orange County Haute Couture Fashion Show for best emerging cast.   A native of Guadalajara Mexico, a country of rich culture and history, Mr. Puga brings a perspective grounded in style, diversity, and tradition.  His approach to design is clean modern combined with colorful eclecticism.  Working side by side with Ron on company projects, Mr. Puga has comes to fully appreciate the imaginative and transformative power of design from lower-end to high-end real estate.

Noel has handled a diversified portfolio of properties from high end oceanfront estates to investment condos.


Sydney Evans

With over 5 years of experience in Staging in San Francisco area, Sydney brings valuable and diverse ideas to Pacific Staging team. Holding a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan and working for a Design Production Company in New York, have allowed Sydney to be called professional designer. Her abilities to visualize interior spaces and manage the installation teams, guarantees that every project will be finished in timely manner and with unique design solutions. 


Shelby Zeballos-Shean


Jenny Bias

Eduard Golubiievskyi
Marketing Manager

With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Degree in Interior Design, Eduard focuses on Pacific Staging's marketing and social media aspects. His multicultural and diverse background allow him to bring different and unique ideas to Pacific Staging's marketing management. 

Eddie Lona
Installations Team Leader 

After years of installing homes for an Orange County moving company,  Eddie brings his expertise to our installations. He averages to 4 installations a week and is fully responsible for the team's flawless safety's record. He works closely with the design team to ensure professional installations and supervises the entire process from the beginning of installations to the move-out phase. With his "hands on" work ethics, Eddie is a particularly good at maintaining the physical condition of the inventory by implementing furniture transportation requirements and installation procedures.



Christian Ramirez
Project Installer, Warehouse Manager

With more then 6 years of experience in a warehouse management, Christian's expertise becomes extremely important to the Pacific Staging's inventory.  He knows every corner of the warehouse, which guarantees that he will locate and prepare all necessary pieces for transportation in no time. 


Jesse Vega
Project Installer 

Having worked in hospitality and with experience in home moving industry, Jesse is well-known for his attention to details and great customer service skills. His punctuality and ability to follow all necessary procedures during furniture transportation, guarantee that our projects will finish on time and safely. 

Hanson Nguyen
Project Installer 

Hanson's experience and exceptional skills of installing model homes help him to get those exclusive furniture pieces to your property safely and ready to be enjoyed.  His abilities to install the project in timely manner and to fit everything needed into a truck, van or even small car impress everyone.  With an exceptional customer service skills and strong desire to finish what he starts, Hanson is a valuable asset to Pacific Staging's team. 

Louis Lona
Project Installer 

With many years of experience in installation for the event design company, Louis' expertise becomes extremely important to the Pacific Staging's busy schedule. He knows the importance of finishing projects on time and implementing safety procedures, as well as providing the best customer service.

Alma Rivera
Installation and Service Supervisor

Alma has worked for the best hotel resorts in the world and has now joined Pacific Staging where she supervises our housekeeping team. She brings her expertise to your home and her team will make your bedroom look like an exclusive five start hotel suite.


Yonathan Astorga 

Project Installer 


Ernesto Galvan  

Project Installer 


Sergio Medrano 

Project Installer 


Erik Ibanez

Project Installer